We had a family of three generation for Tuna Auction Tour and Sushi Making Workshop.
Parents and 3 children were from Mexico and a grandmother was from New York. They were kind and very polite. Our meeting-up time was very early in the morning, but they greeted me with warm and friendly smiles on their faces.
We watched the tuna auction from the third floor. Though we couldn’t hear the sound of the auction venue, a tuna expert trader came to us and explained what was being held in the auction and how the market functioned in detail. They seemed to enjoy communicating with the professional buyer who had more than 20 years’ experience in the fish market.
The youngest daughter, who was 6 years old, seemed a little bit sleepy at first because it was very early in the morning. But when we entered the intermediate wholesale market to buy fish for making sushi, her eyes opened widely and became cheerful to see a variety of fish and lively workers full of energy. We bought several fish such as tuna, scallop, and salmon. One of their favorite ingredients was sea urchin and they wanted the best quality of all. We visited a fishmonger specializing sea urchin where Michelin stared sushi bars’ masters bought ones. There they got pleased to get a pack of sea urchin from Hokkaido.
In sushi making workshop, the guests followed the instructions of our chef and made beautiful sushi, using fresh fish from the market. An eldest daughter loved salmon row, so she made rolled sushi using a lot of them. Also she made a beautiful Chirashizushi, a bowl of rice with a variety of seafood on top. The youngest daughter made lovely sushi with her creativity.The mother and the grandmother always put smiles on their faces. Everyone looked happy, surrounded with warm and homey atmosphere.
Thank you very much for joining us!
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