We had a lovely couple from Montreal in Canada and young gentlemen from Philadelphia in USA. We headed to the wholesale market and visited few shops where we have good relationship and the owner of the shellfish shop showed us a giant shell, and the baby shrimp that live in the shell. He also showed a super fresh octopus leg which was still moving!  As always there were many little trucks everywhere and drove very fast. Then we headed to the shopping floor and they bought a knife, and the best green tea we recommend for their parents. They didn’t eat the breakfast for this sushi making class so they were ready for making sushi when we arrived at Tsukiji fish market! We quickly bought a fish in Tsukiji fish market and headed to the kitchen. They tried filleting the flying fish which is in season now. The flying fish can fly to 300m! They have big fins and are a little bit difficult to fillet but they are all very good at filleting under the direction of our chefs. They enjoyed their creation with the sake, the tuna salad and some more. One of them bought our original sushi mafia T-shirt. Thank you very much for joining us! 
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